Your Plans For Long-Term Disability Might Not Be As Great As You Thought

A lot of people are lulled into an incorrect belief about their foreseeable future. They do not think they should be concerned about long term health problems until they retire. But, the simple truth is that one in three people become disabled enough so that they will no longer work well before they reach the age of retirement living.

Most people only think of accidents and comparable events that will make you disabled, but the most common reasons are health related ailments.

The following are classified as the most typical problems that result in disability:

Arthritis, and comparable ailments that effect the musculoskeletal system is the largest trigger of people being disabled for a long time of time. They make up over thirty percent of the disability cases which are filed. Of all of the individuals who report experiencing arthritis-like indicators show that their heath difficulties are in the way of becoming able to take care of their job responsibilities effectively. The largest contributor in this category is arthritis, but numerous other muscle/joint problems also trigger problems.

Cardiovascular disease is something people typically associate with events that are sudden and right away life-threatening. That is obviously a more serious problem than persistent issues. But, long-term cardiovascular disease could cause significant problems for people to be in a position to do their jobs. More than 15% of costs inside the nation that are associated with medical expenses are as a result of issues with heart problems.

Cancer may also trigger folks to be on long term disability for an extended time. However, there is actually a number of good news involved in this one. The rise inside the quantity of disability claims based upon a cancer diagnosis would appear like a negative thing, however this is likely the end result of the world of medicine developing treatments that are a lot more successful than in past times.

The last sort of disability claim that people often file that we will discuss is diabetes. Not only are disability claims escalating a lot, but there is also a rise in a lot of associated health conditions that often effect folks who are diabetic.

Since most people should work right up until their retirement age, any medical condition that stops you from working will have a significant effect on your financial future (along with your overall health). It looks like it c

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Ayurveda – A Boon for Human Community

Ayurveda is science that developed as the human evolved. Ayurveda can be called as the science that deals with health of a person. The main stress of ayurveda is to eradicate sorrows and misery from the life a person. These sorrows and misery can be any, physical or emotional.

There are two principles of ayurveda

· First and the foremost is the maintenance of the diseased free condition of a healthy individual.

· Second is treating a person suffering from any diseases.

These are the two primary principles on which ayurveda works. It would be strange to know that no other medicinal system as any kind of provision to sustain the health of an individual. They only deal with treating a disease and providing relief. But it is not in the case of ayurveda. Ayurveda primarily believes in making a person happy and free from any disease and secondly if a person somehow gets affected by certain ailments then it is concerned with the treating the root cause besides providing a disease.

Only ayurveda is the science that tells us about how to lead a healthy and a quality life style that is extremely beneficial for remaining disease free. As mentioned in the ancient texts of ayurveda, there are two types of regimen that has to be followed. These are:-

· Day regimen – it deals with what all is to be done in a daily routine. According to it a person should wake up early in morning about half an hour before the sun rise. He should get free from nature call and then should brush teeth and then take bath. After that he should worship the supreme power and only then he should have his meals. Evan the dietary pattern is also given i.e. what is to be taken and what not. Hence it covers all the aspect which includes daily routines and diet.

· Night regimen – next comes the night regimen that starts after sun set. It has been mentioned that a person should have his dinner before sunset. He should relax and should spend his time with his family. It has also been mentioned that what should be the ambience of the place where he should have his bed and which direction should one sleep. Recent researches have shown that these small-small factors have a very definitive effect not only on the psychic but also on the physical aspect of a person.

There is also one more topic that is called as saddvritta, this deal with the social behavior of a person. This aspect deals with person’s behavior and his responsibilities towards the society he lives in. It teaches us that how to live in a society that is helpful in upliftment of the mental status and activities of people around us.

Besides these general heath maintenance methods ayurveda also tells certain ways to achieve longitivity and live life like a youth. These methods are known as rasayana. This longitivity can be achieved by herbal medicines and also by following a certain procedures.

Ayurveda also mentions body’s detoxification and rejuvenating procedures known as panchakarma. It is a five step procedures that helps in elimination of toxins in the body thereby establishing the homeostasis in the three humors i.e. (vata, pitta and kapha).

Ayurveda also contains a list of number of herbs with there complete description and their therapeutic use. There is also mentioning of preparation of various herbal medicines that are extremely helpful eradicating various diseases that has been caused due to certain reasons.

Hence ayurveda can be called as a complete health science

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